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Tonewood amp bad review

By Gami

As a player, I have to say this first — before delving into the all the details. The Tonewood Amp makes my acoustic guitar sound amazing, and is just plain fun to use.

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Even after spending over fifty years with an instrument in my hands, this is a new and inspiring experience. The natural sound of the unamplified guitar coming from the soundboard seamlessly blends with the effects radiating outward via the sound hole, creating a larger than life soundscape. Being self-contained, the enhanced guitar sound can be shared with an intimate group in the living room, a small chapel or hall, or even outdoors.

The Tonewood Amp measures about 3. With three AA batteries installed to power the unit, it weighs about 12 ounces. The internal magnetic X-brace attaches to the inside of the guitar with the supplied adhesive disks, and holds the amp firmly to the back of your guitar. Rotary knobs are used to select effects and parameters, and the unit is turned on and off via a recessed power button. Three rotary control knobs are positioned along the upper edge of the amp, along with the power button.

These knobs, which include push and push-and-hold functions, access all effects, parameters, and settings when used singly or in combination. The effects that can be generated through the guitar include: three reverbs — Hall, Room, and Plate; Delay with adjustable reverb; Chorus with adjustable reverb; Tremelo with rate and adjustable delay parameters; plus Leslie and Autowah effects. With the reverbs, you can dial in the predelay, high cut, and decay settings, along with the overall level of the effect.

With the other effects you can adjust relevant parameters to suit the music and playing style. The Tonewood Amp has locations for up to five guitars, with ten memory slots for each effect. The initial setup process for the Tonewood Amp, detailed in the manual and in a series of videos on their website, can take 20 minutes or so — at least when doing it carefully for the first time. First, use a couple strips of non-harmful tape to hold the amp to the back of the guitar, so that you can set some basic levels and find the best placement on the instrument.

Once located, you loosen the strings and insert the magnet assembly — which is then held in place by adhesive disks. Remove the tape and retune, set up the master gain to match the output of your guitar pickup, and dial in the two provided notch filters if necessary to attenuate feedback at resonant frequencies. Then pick a reverb or other effect, adjust the parameters to taste, and play. A common question is: Does the Tonewood Amp make the instrument louder?

And while the unique benefit of the Tonewood Amp is that you can play without any amplification and still have effects generated from the body of the instrument, there will be times when you need to boost the level.

For intimate worship settings where the acoustic guitar is accompanying a solo vocalist or when the group is singing together, the Tonewood Amp by itself can add life to the sound of the instrument — and lend more spaciousness to rooms with dull acoustics.

Or use a miniature condenser such as the DPA G on the instrument itself. In any case, the effects sound great, and are created right at the instrument.The TonewoodAmp is a revolutionary device that uses an acoustic guitar's own body and soundhole to create a range of enhancement effects.

There's nothing else like it—the first and only, the TonewoodAmp is a must-have device for any acoustic guitar player. The TonewoodAmp uses patented technology to vibrate the back of virtually any acoustic guitar, creating the sound effects you know and love — no need for an amp! At home, in a recording studio or on a mountaintop, the TonewoodAmp transforms your world into one big concert hall with virtually any acoustic guitar, anytime, anywhere.

tonewood amp bad review

ANY acoustic guitar player! Our customers are beginners and hobbyists, professionals, and virtuosos, guitar nerds we count ourselves proud members of this tribesingers, songwriters, producers, and so much more. Every acoustic player needs this in their life!

No tools, no permanent impact on your guitar, and it switches easily between instruments. All you need is a guitar with a pickup. Hear it now order yours. Hear It Now Order Yours. Best invention since sliced bread. I love it. I love my TonewoodAmp. It has totally changed my world. I love the amp and it has thrown my creativity through the roof!!!

tonewood amp bad review

Thank you so much —Ryan Perry Customer. Legitimately one of the best purchases I have ever made in my entire life. What is it? No amp. No cables. No effects pedals. And yet, all the same benefits! How it works. How it works The TonewoodAmp uses patented technology to vibrate the back of virtually any acoustic guitar, creating the sound effects you know and love — no need for an amp!

I never play my Taylor without it. Who is it for?Welcome to Eastman Guitar Fans!

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This is a friendly online community of Eastman Guitar players and owners Registration is free - come and join the discussion! New Reply. Meathead EGF Founder 99 - Posts: Threads: 99 Joined: Aug Seems to have great reviews.

Haven't tried a ToneWoodAmp. I'm assuming it is an acoustic guitar amp.

Review: The Tonewood Amp – “Organic” Effects for the Acoustic Guitar

Surprising more small amps don't offer that. Are you going to buy an acoustic amp? Bumping an old thread. I have a tonewoodamp on order I'll provide a review when able! Posts: Threads: 52 Joined: May I have read a couple of reviews about the Tonewood. I would love to hear what your experience is. Yamaha is building in something similar. PM Find Reply Quote. Hi Tom - I saw that Yamaha is doing something similar. I will let you know my feedback on the TWA once I've had a chance to run it through the paces.

Posts: Threads: 2 Joined: Mar Hey Tim looking forward to this review. Have been looking kinda sideways into acoustic amps as am researching a future new to me but used guitar acoustic.

What speaker cabs to these go through? Their own or will they work with custom speaker cabs? Reason I ask is I build speaker cabs and far prefer mine tonally, weight wise, and because I can easily change out the speakers as required for tone needed. Ciao, Anderson. Posts: 16 Threads: 7 Joined: Dec Sorry, not a review of the Tonewood amp Posts: Threads: Joined: Apr As for the Tonewood amp - what an absoloootly ingenious idea. You have selected one or more posts to quote. Quote these posts now or deselect them.By kidblastJune 11, in Gibson Acoustic.

I may have jumped the shark boys.

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I did a pre-order on a Tonewood amp. I figure screw it. Ok, what I was really thinking about was maybe sneaking one of these into a ukulele for fun. Hi Nick. He blew me away too, but the most flexible fret hands belong to this guy. Sure you've seen it before. Bad things come in threes, Kid, so you should be good. I was thinking there I go working without tools again "I don't want some sticky thing gunking up the back of my 'Bird but than I looked at the attachment process.

Ah, said I, magnets! Oh and hey Jedzep, Django did it with 2 fingers and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth! Don't try that at home kids. Nice KB - seize the day, eh!

I'll find out, estimated delivery is monday. Doesn't matter, I don't need one, really don't want one, Enjoy, I'm looking forward to the reviews. And the type of venues it would be useful for, are the types of venues opening up first I know what would enhance my experience, but was told if I enhanced it too much, i'd go blind The Yamaha Transacoustic line appears to have similar technology added to the inside of the guitar.

Yes, you got their marketing dept on a technical- but if your guitar has some form of onboard pickup, you're technically not plugging in to the grid. Well, technical is in the mind of the beholder. To me, it implies that you are listening to an acoustic instrument, without any amplification.

Never would have considered that it meant "plugged into the grid". If that's your definition, then my battery-powered Vox amp would also be "unplugged".Inspiration is key to a songwriter. If you are a writer who primarily uses an acoustic guitar, you may find it a nuisance to break out an amp or plug in to your laptop to be able to get the certain effect that the song needs.

The folks at Tonewood found a way for you to be able to play with effects, unplugged. The TonewoodAmp is a compact portable effect unit with three knobs that control effects, parameters which are programmablevolume and gain.

The insert jack can be used to access iOS apps and add your own effects.

The ToneWoodAmp is the best $250 a guitarist can spend — here's why

Tonewood is forward-thinking as well and have included a USB for firmware upgrades and possible future applications. There are a slew of incredibly useable effects onboard; reverbs, delays, tremolo, auto-wah and, yes, even distortion. I was super excited for my first jam with the ToneWood, and it lived up to all the expectations I had for it. I was able to sit either on my couch or out on my porch and play with natural sounding effects without having to worry about plugging in to an amp.

Surprisingly, I found a big use for the distortion, as it thickens the tone and creates a nice bed for rhythm or lead work. You can also blend in the amount of effect you want to hear. This is extremely helpful in the creative process. I was able to play some cool single note lines that needed some U2-type delay and a Beatle-esque tremolo riff without having to run to my computer and record it before I forgot.

ToneWood includes pretty detailed instructions to get this unit working correctly depending on what body-type your guitar has, so it is super important to follow them thoroughly. The magnet does all the support and there is no tape or anything to harm your guitar body, undoubtedly a concern for anyone.

Is this the FUTURE of acoustic guitar? (or just a gimmick?)

That means, your guitar MUST be an acoustic-electric. ToneWood, however, partnered with Fishman and sells a sound-hole pickup off their website for your instruments that are solely acoustic. Upon opening the box, I must say that this will take some time and patience to install correctly. The only issue I had with the unit while using was it powering off in the middle of playing. But upon research through the excellent ToneWoodAmp forum I found that it was not a flaw in the device.

I was using a cheaper brand of AA batteries. For best performance, use high quality brands like Duracell or Energizer, or high quality rechargeable AA batteries Tonewood recommends the Panasonic Pro When I switched them out to a better brand the problem never occurred again.

Tonewood also provides many video instructions and tips on their YouTube page and website. Facebook Twitter instagram pinterest youtube.

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Review: ToneWoodAmp Multi-Effects Processor for Acoustic Guitars

Customer reviews. Tonewood Amp Right. Write a review. How are ratings calculated? Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyses reviews to verify trustworthiness. See All Buying Options. Add to Wish List. This page works best with JavaScript.

Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Top positive review. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 July I have just received my Tonewood amp so haven't used it much yet but it is a very neat, well made little item and works really well" Such fun to get these effects, reverb, delay, leslie, plate, overdrive etc from an acoustic guitar with no plugging into outside amps etc and with no trailing wires etc Just a great invention that will give hours of fun on one set of batteries!

The seller, Promenade Music has been fantastic to deal with and answered my pre-purchase queries very swiftly and usefully and when, after purchase, I had a problem with the X brace that goes inside your guitar to magnetically attach the Tonewood, they replaced it right away so I give them five stars as well as for the product as they have been a really terrific firm to deal with!

The X brace is quite fiddly to insert inside your guitar where it then lives permanently but very unobtrusively and allows the actual Tonewood amp to clamp onto the outside of the guitar on the back magnetically where all the effects can be simply dialled in There is a very good online instruction book which I downloaded and printed out which I would advise doing as it takes you through all the steps of setting up and using the Tonewood in clear simple terms which is a great help!

The Tonewood can be easily fixed on and off your guitar and does not require any modifications to fit and leaves no marks on the guitar as it's all done with magnets!It gives you the ability to play acoustically and to create effects—effects that up until now were only easily available through a pickup and an extensive collection of pedals.

Inspiration is key to a songwriter. If you are a writer who primarily uses an acoustic guitar, you may find it a nuisance to break out an amp or plug in to your laptop to be able to get the certain effect that the song needs. The ToneWoodAmp has got you covered…. Acoustic players looking to augment the natural sound of their guitars with live effects may well have to succumb to a world of cables, amps and stomps to do so. Check out this cool new gadget: The ToneWood-Amp is a device that attaches to the back of your acoustic guitar and provides you awesome effects such as reverb and echo, without having to plug into an amp.

The ToneWood works with any acoustic guitar fitted with a….

tonewood amp bad review

ToneWood-Amp allows acoustic guitar players to easily add effects to their sound, with no external speaker, using just the body of the instrument itself…. This is a rather clever idea. The TonewoodAmp is a device that allows acoustic players to add the type of sounds, usually only available by plugging in to a chain of FX pedals and then an amp…. I just scooped every guitar site out there!

tonewood amp bad review

ToneWood-Amp is a new amplifier for acoustic guitars, designed to extend the range of sounds produced by the body….